Computer Anatomy and Operating System Fundamentals

Computer and OS Fundamentals:

November 12th, 2016

9 – 2:30

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside your computer to make it work? For the first workshop, we explore the motherboard and other hardware components under the hood. With this foundational knowledge of PC components, you can troubleshoot hardware issues can be done with ease and make informed decisions when purchasing a new computer. The next step to understanding how computers work is installing an operating system to provide a means to interact with the computer. We will install a Microsoft Windows and an Ubuntu Linux operating system in a virtual machine on the host computer. Finally, of course, since we are a cybersecurity group, we will learn to securely configure an operating system according to best practices. The goal of this workshop is to give hands-on experience of what’s inside the box and and how to securely operate.

  • What’s inside the Box? (PC Components)
  • Windows 7 and Ubuntu Installation
  • Introduction to Virtual Machines
  • Basic OS System Administration
  • Introduction to Computer Security and Workstation Hardening